Interior and Exterior Installation


The first stop in the process of creating your new kitchen or bathroom is our designer showroom. Whether you are starting from scratch or you come to us knowing exactly what you want, our showroom provides an extensive collection of materials, finishes, edge profiles and custom detailing to get your project going in the right direction. Rather than small “samples” that make it hard to visualize how a particular stone or finish will look, we provide full-size panels of all our available stone types and available finishes. Most importantly, our expert stone professionals will help guide you through each part of the design process to ensure that your unique vision is realized. Once you have selected the type and color of your stone, tile, or glass we will together search through our extensive inventory of stone slabs, allowing you to hand-pick the perfect color, pattern, veining and shading. We then guarantee a free electronic quote delivered within 24 hours.



Once you’ve envisioned your design, we will travel to your project location and take measurements using Proliner and laser technology. Precision is the key to ensuring your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace project is meets and exceeds your expectations from start to finish. Our professional on-site team will take digital measurements at your location to ensure that each and every detail is captured before even one cut is made to your hand-picked stone slabs. These measurements are then converted to a computer model of your project.



After laser measurement is complete, Stone Age provides a special service that most fabricators can’t or don’t offer. We produce full-size plastic models of your project and fit them on-site as an extra step to ensure that all measurements, conversions and details are to your complete satisfaction. Finally, with your approval, we move to cutting the stone piece you have chosen using our state-of-the-art machinery capable of executing the most sophisticated cuts available in the industry. Stone Age employs only the highest trained individuals that are experts in both AutoCAD and CNC fabrication.

While many stone fabricators have limited production capacity, we are able to produce several counter tops and vanities per shift. Capable of running multiple shifts, Stone Age consistently guarantees quality as well as delivery within seven working days.



Each of our installation professionals has a minimum of 5 years experience. We perform extensive background checks and insist on intensive and ongoing training to ensure that all of our employees are the most qualified and trustworthy in our industry.